The TWRFC History Quiz

Work is underway to update photography around the club house – one of the things we want to reflect more is the clubs history.

That is where you come in – we’ve already found a number of images but the year they were taken remains a mystery. Do you recognise any players in these photographs, can you tell us the year they were taken?

In addition if you have any interesting photographs you think would look good on the wall at the club house please send any copies/scanned image to me at

The Best Kept Secret

As members we all know that TWRFC is great family orientated club offering a brilliant atmosphere for members and players to enjoy their rugby. As part of the three year development plan the club is getting even better – a short way into 2019/20 season and we’ve already seen new playing kit across the club (kudos to the sponsorship team), improvements in club house audio visual, pitch side PA and gym. More events are in the pipeline and many of you will have seen initial plans for ground floor catering to improve the pitch side experience – and all of that is just for starters!

Yet outside of our membership do many people know much about the club, its aims, the atmosphere and facilities?

TWRFC has been described as one of Tunbridge Wells best kept secrets – and that is something we are trying to change.

We are actively trying to improve awareness of the club through:

• Improved social media – look and feel and content

• Increased press coverage beyond first team match reports – see this weeks Times of Tunbridge Wells for coverage of our “SOS Kit Aid” campaign

• Fixture list posters around town,

• We’ve put in a schedule of all Youth Teams to submit stories so people can see the engagement across all age groups,

• We are looking at more prominent advertising around town,

• Having stands at local events,

• Making our first team home fixtures more of an event.

But what more can we do? Do you have any suggestions for stories, events or anything that could raise the profile of the club to wider community? If you do drop a comment below or email me at

Look forward to hearing from you!


Development Update: January 2019

Since our last club development update, the Board of TWRFC have invited a sub-committee formed of club experts in the building, legal and land development areas, to look at the progress achieved on this topic to date. In doing so they have reviewed all of the key documents, advice received and the various approaches made to us.

The group comprises three club members who work close to or in the development field and are: Jim Hendley (Life VP), Mike Vos (VP) and Richard Baines (Member).

This group spent some weeks carrying out a detailed analysis and presented their findings to the January Board meeting. In summary and following this presentation the Board has determined that any future domestic development or land swaps are likely to take a number of years. This is because of the legal complexities around split ground ownership, split planning authorities (Tunbridge Wells and Wealden) and the current development environment in our area of the town as well as the difficulty in obtaining ownership of a suitable land swap site through developers financing.

Given this assessment it has been concluded that the likely time scale for any major change to this assessment is probably 10 years plus as a minimum.

As a result the Board has now determined to ask the group to look at options for developing St Marks.within the 10 year timescale.

In drawing up such plans we have asked them to address the various areas we see as priorities (in no particular order):

    Increasing the parking availability

    Extending the Club room on the first floor of the clubhouse.

    Improving the drainage to pitches two and three (to the same standard as Pitch one).

We have also started to look beyond the clubs present boundaries to potentially solve some of these challenges as site capacity may become a greater challenge to the youth section as it continues to grow.

Finally, and longer term, once we have acquired or leased further land we have asked the Sub –committee to look at the potential for developing the current fourth pitch next to the Cala homes development. This will be looked at in conjunction with the Board who will examine the potential for grant and self funding as well as prudent loans for these projects.

As things progress we will continue to update you and will ensure that this topic is included on the Agenda for the 2019 TWRFC Ltd. AGM ( provisionally fixed for Monday 24th June 2019).

Roger Clarke
TWRFC President

Development Update: October 2018

Since our AGM we have continued to look at potential longer term development opportunities for the club. To help make progress in forming a full development Committee I have been joined by Jimmy Hendley- Life VP and Managing Partner of Henry Riley and Mike Vos a VP who is a lawyer working in the Development area. Currently I will continue to project manage this area.
Further expertise will be added to the Development team as things progress and we as a club determine which option route to take. Development of our 4th team pitch remains an option as does the land swap route if an option to purchase suitable land can be delivered. In addition we are also looking at the stay at St Marks option if no big development option proves acceptable or deliverable. This would mean further improvement of pitch drainage, extension of the top of the clubhouse- plans have been revisited- additional car parking facilities- currently being investigated by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council who are drawing up plans and looking at costs-  and also looking for additional space both within and outside the current boundaries of the grounds.
In the last two weeks, the 2nd team pitch has been verti-drained and sanded for the second time this year and has now had 120 tonnes of sand applied over the April- October period. The last of these maintenance works being paid for at a cost of £4K by Kent County RFU.
These potential development routes take time to investigate thoroughly and will require a range of professional advice should one particular option be approved after consultation with the membership. We will continue to update you from time to time as things progress.

Roger Clarke
President TWRFC

Club Development Update- July

As we discussed at the AGM, the club has received a number of proposals for ongoing development.  The timing is great… the first team is flourishing following two recent promotions, and the youth section continue to grow (nearing St Mark’s capacity).  We have both the opportunity and need for strategic development.

All of the options presented have merits.  Prior to and at the AGM  we committed to fully explore the viability of all of them and we continue to do so.  At this point we haven’t ruled any of the options out.

In considering the options, we are focusing on the the long term needs of all sections of the club. Any plan has to work for the entire club – U6s through to 1st XV.  Within this structure are several groups which all have slightly different needs.

During the AGM we stated that we intend to explore all ideas prior to committing and this remains the case, at this point no option has been rejected.  Some options were significantly more advanced than others and in order to better understand the choices available, we are working with potential partners to further expand and explore the viability of other options (in particular Option 2- Land Swap).  We anticipate firming this up as soon as we can at which point we will build a team from those who have very kindly offered their expert skills and experience prior to consulting with the Club on all viable options.

Strategically we have the option to:

  1. Sell 4th team pitch and use the money generated to improve club facilities
  2. Sell our portion of St. Marks (Or all of it in conjunction with TWBC should they wish to partner with us) and relocate TWRFC to an alternative locality in the Tun Wells area
  3. Redevelop existing facilities in -situ

These broadly align to the options outlined at the time of the AGM, but we need to be careful to not mix our strategic choice, with the choice of partner. We need to both decide which option best meets the needs of the club and also to decide our approach for delivery, and what advisers and partners we will use.

Roger Clarke- President.