Changing personal details for a registered player

Some details for a registered player cannot be changed in GMS – but instead must be changed in the V12 registration module.

Note: If the player also has a DBS, you will require gms support’s assistance to change their details…

Go to the V12 Registration Module

I find I have to log in again, not sure if that’s a cookie issue or a system wide issue.

This will take you to the V12 home screen, from which you can select Club/Player management to manage existing registrations.

Search for the payer you wish to de-register (you will need to click the search button, not just type and hit-return)

Select the player using the checkbox and click ‘Edit’.

To edit the individuals details you will need to select the ‘Individual‘ tab, although some details are also shown on the registration tab these are read-only and will not save correctly.
When you a finished click ‘Save‘.

Once you have finished – to return to the main GMS system, I find the only way is to retype into the browser address bar.

This will tell you that your session has expired, and prompt you to re-login. Sometimes you have to re-login twice – who knows why!