De-registering a youth player

To de-register a youth player you need youth registrar role.

Most registration functionality (including age-grade de-registration) is managed in the v12 registration module.

Go to the V12 Registration Module

I find I have to log in again, not sure if that’s a cookie issue or a system wide issue.

This will take you to the V12 home screen, from which you can select Club/Player management to manage existing registrations.

Search for the payer you wish to de-register (you will need to click the search button, not just type and hit-return)

Select the player using the checkbox and click ‘De-register Selected Player’. You will be prompted to confirm.

Once you have finished – to return to the main GMS system, I find the only way is to retype into the browser address bar.

This will tell you that your session has expired, and prompt you to re-login. Sometimes you have to re-login twice – who knows why!