Listing age-group members from GMS


To be able to run this report as a team-manager, or coach you require:

  • Team Manager or Coach role in GMS
  • To be assigned to the team as a coach/manager
  • To have a current DBS
  • To have level 1 or above permissions in GMS

Important Note

This view/report only shows players who are registered, if somebody is not registered as a player (even if they have paid membership) they will not appear in the list.

In this case please advise the parent to complete age-grade registration (guides on the RFU website


Log into GMS, and select the Teams module

Select the ‘Teams’ tab

Select the team

Note – only registered players appear in this list (see note at top). If somebody does not appear in the list they have either

  • Not registered as a player
  • Got the wrong date of birth

If you scroll through it – the report contains:

  • Name
  • RFU ID
  • Emergency Contact details
  • Photo Consent
  • Medical Conditions
  • Membership status (Active)
  • Balance – any outstanding membership payment (somebody might have active membership, but still owe us money)

If you need to export the data you can do that using the option in the ‘More’ menu.

Some of this is fairly sensitive data – please only extract and share what you really need, and with people who really need it. Please also be mindful that the person you are sharing with has a current DBS.