Running a team report

The team report gives each age group manager the following details for each of their players:

  • RFU ID
  • Name
  • Registered Player (Y/N)
  • Date of Birth
  • Parents Information
  • Membership status
  • Any balance owing
  • Any medical conditions *
  • Emergency contact details *

* These are captured during registration process and not really updated – personally I would be wary of trusting them.


To run the report

Go to Teams Management -> Teams & select the appropriate team from the list.

If you hit issues (e.g. not seeing the data) – it’s possible I haven’t given you access (I need to do this explicitly following the GMS security update).   You will also not see the data if you do not have a current DBS on GMS.

Once the list of Players comes up click ‘Export’.

Select the data you need (good practice is always to take the minimum data you actually required).  Having lots of copies of data around is a bit of a data protection issue.  Similarly when you are done with the report please delete it.

This will give you a report for your players with the above listed fields… sample below (cut down to just James who’s data I can treat with carless abandon).