Hacks to verify a parent’s email

Email verification is a complete pain in the arse and works really badly… There are a set of know issues with the system – with emails to some providers (yahoo, outlook, bt…) simply not arriving.

1) Ask the parent to do it themselves

Step 1 is to ask the parent to look for their link they have received from GMS and verify it themselves.

2) Resend the link

If that doesn’t work – then your next option is to resend the verification link to the parent, you can do this from the player registration request view accessed via People>People Dashboard

3) Start hacking…

If the parent is not receiving the link – you can help out. To do so you will need to reset their password, and then verify their email yourself.

Firstly you need their username which you can access from the credentials tab of their record

Then you will need to reset their password, which you can do from the main login screen (I suggest using a different browser to not cause issues with your current session)

You can then pick the password reset link from their conversation history, expand the message and (right click on the big red button to get the link)

Once you have reset the password and logged in as the parent you will be promoted to resend the verification link. Again you can fish the link out of their conversation history and use it to verify their account. It’s rather discrete (highlighted) – again right-click to get the URL.

Finally send the user an email to explain what you have done and what their new password is.