Working out why a child is missing from their team report.

There are 4 typically reasons why a child would not appear in a coaches team-report

  1. They aren’t in GMS (no record)
  2. They are in GMS but not associated with TWRFC
  3. They have not completed player registration
  4. The have the wrong DOB – so appear in a different age-group

Read the below in conjunction with this flow diagram

Steps to diagnose

1) Does a record exist?

Check if they exist in the People>Everyone (use filters on the right to search)

  • If they do — then move to step (2)
  • If they do not …
    • Look to see if parents records exist, you can sometimes get some further information from the child using the relationships tab of the parent’s record.
    • The parent needs to either join the club (, or add their child (
    • Note these guides are from RFU and not great, we may later write our own – adding a child is basically done by the parent logging in, and then from the relationships tab ‘Add Youth’. The steps are also covered in which may be clearer.

2) Is the child registered?

If the child has a record in GMS – then the next step is to look at their player registration status (only registered players are associated to a team). Look at their record (still in people module) to see if there is a ‘Yes’ in the player column … if there is go to step (4)

If the player is not registered – check if there is a pending registration request – step (3).

3) Is there a pending registration request?

If the child exists, but is not registered – check to see if they have a pending registration request. You can get a list of all pending registration requests by going to ‘People>People Dashboard’ and clicking on the ‘Player Registration Request’ panel.

This will bring up a list of all player-registration requests. The possibilities are:

  1. The player appears in the list, and the parents has a verified email address (i.e. green bar). In this case you can just select the row and approve the registration request.
  2. The player appears in the list, but the parent’s email is un-verified. You will need the parent to verify their email before you can approve the registration – there is a separate guide to help you do this.
  3. The player does not appear in the list. In which case his parents need to update their family registration. There is a guide for them to use to do this here ( When they have done so, you will need to come back to this screen and approve their registration.

4) Has the player got the wrong DOB

If that didn’t work the player may have the wrong Date of Birth. Check their record in the people module and if necessary update the DOB from the details tab.

If the player is already registered – this will not be possible from GMS, instead you will need to log into the V12 registration module, search for the player and make the update from their registration record – this will then eventually sync. to GMS.

If their DOB is correct – then I’m out of idea… give me a call.