Primary Tag Festival

Welcome to the Tunbridge Wells Primary Schools festival sponsored by our good friends at Town & Country housing. By way of introduction I am Mike Rigby the youth chair here at TWRFC and today’s tournament director.

Tunbridge Wells Rugby club have a thriving youth section with over 500 young players taking part each Sunday. We are always looking to welcome new children to enjoy the great sport of Rugby, our adult and growing ladies sections are also looking to welcome new players.  Why not come down in September for a free trial? We are also running some great summer-camps at St Mark’s over the summer holidays, to find out more look on our website or or come over for a chat.

We are really pleased to welcome you to St Mark’s for a day of rugby which we hope will be a shining example of the values of rugby: Teamwork; Respect; Enjoyment; Discipline; Sportsmanship. To help us achieve this I encourage:

  • All players to play with a smile on your face, give it everything you’ve got, remember all your coaches and teacher’s wise words and then, win or lose, shake your opponents hands.
  • All parents please be as noisy as you like with cheering, words of encouragement and support for both sides.
  • All refs, do your best, we know you are volunteers and will support every one of your decisions!

If you have any questions please just ask any of the TWRFC home team or come and ask me.

Have a great day and thank you for supporting our festival,

Mike Rigby, Youth Chair