Sample Pre-Session Briefing

Children to be informed:

Who is their pod & coach

They will be training in a pod with max 5 other children and the coach.  Make sure children know who is in the pod, and who their coach will be and that this will not change for duration of the session.

What area their pod has been allocated

Which area their pod will be training in (area must be clearly marked) and instructed not to leave the area, or enter the area of another pod.

Maintain social distancing

Children to be reminded to remain 2M apart from each-other, and from the coaches, at all times. Children to be advised that if they are unable to adhere to this they wlll be asked to leave the session.

Children to be instructed not to share water-bottles.

Toilets (Minis only)

Children to be instructed to tell coach (from distance) if toilet is required. 

Ask they to use the provided hand-sanitizer on entry/exit from clubhouse.


Confirm all children have washed hands prior to session, and remind them to do so as soon as possible after session.