Youth Section COVID-19 Training: Joining instructions for participants

Following recent changes to government and the RFU COVID guidelines, we are now permitted to start some socially-distanced outdoor training in a limited way.

The format will be (as a maximum) in groups of 6, including any coaches. There will be a maximum of 4 groups on any one pitch.

Before the session:

  • All attendees must respect the HMG COVID-19 safeguarding guidelines at all times. If anybody in the household is exhibiting any COVID-19 systems the child MUST not attend. If anybody develops symptoms after the session, we ask that you inform the the age-group head-coach.
  • All attendees should familiarise themselves with TWRFC youth section COVID=19 policy
    Children MUST wash their hands throughly prior to the session.
  • What children must bring:
    • Hand sanitiser
    • Their own water-bottle (no sharing allowed)
    • A towel to wipe-down sweat
  • Make sure the head-coach is aware of any relevant pre-existing medical conditions, and has emergency contact details for you.

During the session:

  • At the start of the session coaches will conduct a short pre-session briefing (whilst maintaining distancing to ensure children and parents understand the policy and what is expected – a sample template for that is here).
  • Groups:
    • The children will be assigned to a group (including coach). This will remain their group for the whole session. There will be no interchange between groups
    • Everybody must remain at a minimum distance of 2M from each other (this applies not only during the session, but also arriving/departing etc.)
  • Equipment sharing & passing balls:
    • Equipment sharing will be kept to a minimum (in most cases – just passing balls). Any equipment being shared between players will be cleaned before/after the session and during the session as needed.
    • Players may be required to sanitise their hands during the session.
  • Toilet breaks:
    • The clubhouse may be used for toilet facilities only. Access will be only via the players’ entrance. The number of people in the clubhouse is limited to a maximum of 4 (i.e. two children+parents). This will be clearly signposted by the door.
    • There is hand-sanitiser provided by the door of the clubhouse. People are asked to cleanse their hands prior to entering the clubhouse.
    • For younger children (minis) the parents will be asked to accompany them and make sure social distancing is adhered to etc.
  • First-Aid:
    • Each group will have a first-aider, first-aid kit plus in addition to the usual gloves also a face-mask. However where possible first-aiders will ask the player, on in the case of minis the parent, to apply first-aid.
  • Discipline:
    • We do need to insist that everybody to follow these guidelines. Anyone who repeatedly breaches the club’s COVID-19 youth training guidelines will be asked sit out or leave the session, and at the discretion of the age-group’s head-coach may not be invited to participate further.
  • Please note training will follow the RFU out of season guidance (ie. no contact), although currently less of an issue…

After the session:

  • Children should wash their hands as soon as they can once training finishes.
  • Please leave the club whilst respecting our neighbours and maintaining social distancing.


  • Parents of primary school children (i.e. the minis) are asked to remain on-site, and should the need arise attend to any minor first-aid (e.g. plaster) or toilet-trip requirements the children may have.
  • Watching parents must also adhere to social-distancing guidelines.