Coaching resources

I’m sure that those of you who wanted to have already found lots of online resources; however  in the interest of being helpful, I’ve tried to compile a list below.

In addition to the webinars, there are also video-libraries and e-learning modules.


Webinars: Ref Tuesday training

Refereeing AdvantageProfessional referees Christophe Ridley and Ian Tempest share their expertise on using advantageLink
Refereeing the TackleThe topic for Episode two was refereeing the tackle, and featured Premiership referees Tom Foley and Craig Maxwell Keys sharing their expertiseLink
PositioningProfessional referees Sara Cox and Luke Pearce discuss positioning. They will talk about movement around the pitch, which will vary, but should constantly support the referees’ ability to apply the principles of refereeing and good visionLink

Webinars: Coach Tuesday training

Knowing yourself as a coachEngland Men’s attack coach Simon Amor shared his experiences of coaching Great Britain Sevens in an Olympic Games, as well as his recent appointment to the England senior men’s sideLink
Principles of defenceFormer England head coach Stuart Lancaster sat down to talk about the principles of defence.Link
Principles of attackFormer England head coach Stuart Lancaster sat down to talk about the principles of attack.Link
Coach and Player DevelopmentThis episode saw England head coach Eddie Jones talk about coach and player development, as well as leadership.Link 
Talent PathwayThis webinar was on Coaching in the Talent Pathway, and featured Red Roses legend and World Cup winner Danielle Waterman.Link
Sill ZonesThe first instalment of these webinars, which you can view below, focused on coaching through skill zones and featured special guest Tamara Taylor – the former Red Roses lock. Link

Kids first / CPDs

Kids First Skills SeriesVideo library of age-grade specific games.Link
Kids First Coaching CardsAge-grade specific ‘cheat’ cards. With some indication of what the kids want / and our expectation of them based on age.Link
Video resource library from Managing Contact CPDSome great games in here to get kids comfortable/safe with contact..Link
Age grade Rugby Homepage Link
Age grade Rugby code of practice Link
Age grade Rugby ResourcesAge Grade Rugby leaflet and progressionsAge Grade PosterCodes of PracticeLineout FAQRegulation 15.5.5 (FemalePlayingAdultRugb FAQ)Sevens guidanceU19 Commission ReportCreating Early Years ActivitiesEarly Years GuidelinesLink
KYBO e-learning coursesQuilter kids first rugby e-learning courses for each age-grade.Link
RegulationsRegulation 15 (and appendices) provides the age-grade rules of playLink

England Rugby Coaching Resources / Keep Your Boots On

ActivateActivate is an injury prevention exercise programme that can be integrated into training and pre-match sessions. Exercises are designed to improve functional and core strength, balance and agility, helping players with the game’s physical demands.Link
RFU Coaching E-Learning Modulese-learning from RFU coaches (e.g. England Rugby Coaching Award)Link
RFU Refereeing E-Learning Modulese-learning from RFU ref courses (e.g. England Rugby Refereeing Award, Refereeing the scrum, …)Link
England Rugby Coaches Association (ERCA)The England Rugby Coaches Association is a community of coaches who hold a coaching qualification on their England Rugby GMS profile.Link
England Rugby Referees Association (ERRA)The England Rugby Referees Association (ERRA) aims to engage and communicate with all match officials who play a pivotal role in the enjoyment and wellbeing of players of all ages and abilities in our sport.Link
KYBO Video library“This is the place to learn about courses and best practice as well as to discover useful tips and techniques.”Link
KYBO e-learning coursesThere are a collection of e-learning courses here from ERCA, through to ‘refereeing the scrum’.Link
KYBO Youtube channel Link

Kent Rugby Coach Development

Youtube channelThe sessions given at last year’s conference – I recommend Debbie Smith on nutrition, and Seb Sherwood on decision making using performance analysis.Link

Other resources

Eddie Jones coaching podcastEvery week head coach Jones and RFU director of performance Conor O’Shea will be in conversation on specific topics with the first week looking into team talks, including pre-match, half-time and post-match.Link

Other resources

·       England rugby COVID-19 community game update (updated twice-weekly)



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