2024 Autumn Internationals

Message from Stuart Montgomery

The RFU have issued the agenda for this year and we again have 4 games at Twickenham:

  • Saturday 2 November – England v New Zealand – KO: 15:10                 
  • Saturday 9 November  – England v Australia – KO: 15:10 
  • Saturday 16 November – England v South Africa – KO: 17:40
  • Sunday 24 November – England v Japan – KO 16:10

I have been given an indication of our allocation but confident I can source additional tickets. To satisfy as many people as possible I will probably have to keep requests to a combined total of 2 tickets per member across the New Zealand, Australia and South Africa game’s (can be a single ticket for each) and if you want to apply for more than one game please indicate your preference. The Japan game should not be a problem and no restrictions will apply. I will formulate a list on ‘first come, first served’ and work through the list as and when I can secure tickets – to validate your requests you will have to be a ‘paid up’ member of the club – there will be a £10 admin charge per ticket on top of the prices detailed below.   

Ticket categories and prices:

New Zealand:

Premium £229

Cat 1 £189

Cat 2 £159

Cat 3 £129

Cat 4 £99

Australia & South Africa

New Zealand:

Premium £159

Cat 1 £139

Cat 2 £119

Cat 3 £96

Cat 4 £75


Premium £99

Cat 1 £79

Cat 2 £70

Cat 3 £59

Cat 4 £49

I would think that Junior tickets are readily available for the Japan game for all the Cat tickets for c£25 each and it may be possible to secure some for the NZ/Aus/SA games at £35-45 but I suspect these will be very much in short supply. If you specify any junior tickets please do advise whether you still require tickets at adult prices if I can’t source them the Junior (does save me a lot of correspondence).       

Please apply for tickets, stating the category, via email: Montgos.89a@hotmail.com


It is against the T&Cs to resell or offer for tickets for resale via any third-party websites or to package tickets with hospitality.  

Clubs, or members of clubs, found to be doing so risk severe sanctions with a minimum of the guilty club obtaining NO tickets for one season.  

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