Vice Presidents

Our Vice Presidents (VPs) are a very important part of the Club. Individuals are made VPs as a result of nominations by Club members and approval by the Management Committee. These nominations are typically for long and loyal service to TWRFC.

Nominations from all members are welcome in writing to the Club President at any time of the year. These nominations should include some detail on the reason for the nomination and include at least two members names that support the nomination The President will then formally advise the board of his nominations once a year.

All VPs are expected to be Members of the Club and to play an active role in supporting the Club present and future success. They support all volunteers and the Board at the club. They are a constant and enduring part of our Club’s Rules and Values.

Our existing Vice Presidents are:

Ady Rigby
Alan Capps
Alan Skinner
Alex Nicholson Minis Chair
Andrew Hill
Andrew Maynard
Andy Child
Anthony Pawson
Barry Kench
Brian Whiting
Brigitte Harwood
Bruce Elliott
Charles Spence
Charlie Harding
Chris Garland
Chris McCooey
Chris McDowel
Chris Metherell
Chris Wilkey
Clinton Douch
Colin Jarman
Colin Sharples
Colin Smart
Craig Strong
Dave Toole
David Corry
David Kenway
David Moxon
David Priestley
David Skinner
David Sloan
David Turner
Dick Harman
Dickie Crouch
Don Bailey Treasurer
Drew Raine
Ed Tomlinson
Francesco Colangelo
Geoff Hoad
Graham Davidson
Graham Spittles
Graham Withers
Greg Clark (MP)
Greg Robbins
Howard Collins
Iain Bartley
Ian Holland
James Gwinnett
James Kenway
James Spence
Jim Hendley President
Jim Scully
John Andrews
John Crees
John Evans
Julia Baldock
Kathy Skinner
Laurence Taylor Youth Chair
Lorenzo Colangelo
Malcom Clarke
Malcom Greenslade
Mark Huntley
Martin Croker CCC, MemSec
Martin K Taylor
Martin Slattery
Matt Crane
Matt Wilkey
Maverick Anderson
Michelle Greenall Hon. Secretary
Mick Corcoran
Mick Sedgewick
Mick White
Mike Harding
Mike Rigby Chairman
Mike Southern
Mike Stickler
Mike Vos
Mute Wilson
Neil Bagwell
Nick Baldock
Nick Van Overstraeten Director – House & Grounds
Nick Wilkin
Nigel Exall
Nigel Follows
Norman Barton
Paul Fleming
Paul Hardwick
Paul Hathaway
Paul Miles
Paul Robbins
Paul Smart
Pete Gould
Peter Alexander
Peter Langley
Peter Vernon
Peter Walker
Phil Nelson
Phil Sprackling
Ray Miles
Richard Bains
Richard Nelson
Richard Woodhouse
Rob Greig
Rob Rusbridge
Robert Harrison
Roger Clarke Director, Past President
Roger Theobald
Ron Birkby
Rudy Birkby
Sharina Lyne
Simon Hughes Commercial Lead
Simon Jones
Simon Kench
Simon Lees
Simon Parsons Ladies DOR
Stephen Bassi
Stephen Harvey
Stephen Webb
Stephen Wickenden
Steve Daly
Stuart Montgomery
Sue Kench
Tammy Samuel
Tim McCabe
Tom Callaway
Tony Tregaskes
Vic Webb