(those starting year 7 in September 2022)

The TWRFC 2022/23 U12 squad comprises of boys and girls entering school year 6 at the start of the season, which runs September 2022 to April 2023 inclusive.

Any children who want to have fun, learn new skills, get fitter and healthier come and join us.  We are a friendly bunch of 60+ kids of mixed sizes and abilities (much like the coaches…) We have a fantastic group of RFU qualified coaches who get as much enjoyment out of coaching as the kids do playing.

This season in the Under 11’s RUGBY IS BACK!!!!!!  We are continuing our rugby journey with the progression of Rucking and Mauling, 3 person scrums and the early introduction of kicking..  Haven’t played rugby before don’t worry come along, give it a go and we will make sure you have fun.




In addition to weekly home training every Sunday morning, we will be attending local tournaments and visiting other clubs for joint training sessions.  Matches at U11 consist of teams with 9 players and two substitutes.  Each player being able to play a minimum of 50% of the game.

We have a fantastic group of volunteer coaches with several of us RFU Qualified for coaching and refereeing.  If you would like to join the coaching team, please have a chat with us after a session.

If you would like to know more about a taster session, how to join up, become a coach, or more about the club please contact Simon Hughes, Head Coach (via telephone 07917520599 or via email:  sgh.twrfc@gmail.com) or Matt George,  Team Manager (via telephone 07957 688246 or via email matthewgeorge@gmail.com)



Just Come to St Marks ground at 10am and look out for our age group flag or ask for the Under 11s… 










We are proud to be sponsored as an age group by


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The feedback from last season has been fantastic…

“Thank you all so much….. has had a fabulous time this season”

“Thank you & all the coaches for your support to ….. in his first year doing Rugby. You may recall we had a shaky start back in September… but through all the coaches patience and encouragement he now really enjoys his Sunday sessions. – Thanks again, and hope to see you again in September”
“Thanks so much to you all.. you are all so committed and both parents and kids hugely appreciate the time and effort – see you next season”
“Thanks…. has really enjoyed the training and the festivals this season.. its always such a fantastic atmosphere your enthusiasm and encouragement never waivers – see you in September”