Touch Rugby

Following the reallocation of O2’s sponsorship, the RFU have elected to support the more adaptive TOUCH UNION. 

The guidelines & variations of play are outlined here:- The Touch Union Rules

At TWRFC we will be looking to run Touch Union as open & relaxed sessions focused on the social #oneCLUB aspect with Vets, Senior & Social Players from both the men’s & women’s sections within the club playing together as #oneTWRFC.


A Quick Summary of Play is:-

  1. Ideally the game will be played with a minimum of 6-a-side up to maximum of 10-a-side
  2. The Attacking team’s objective is to score a try by touching the ball down on or over the opponent’s goal line
  3. The Defending team’s objective is to stop the attacking team from scoring by making Two-Touches on the ball carrier at the armpit or below
    • The two-touches must be by two different defenders, but can be at the same time;
    • after the first touch, the attacking player cannot score but can progress looking to off-load before the second touch
  4. The Attacking team have 6 phases of two-touches to score.
  5. Kicking is allowed but must remain below head height
  6. Rules of play, player numbers and pitch size can be adapted to meet the needs of the participants as per the document above.


Traditional ‘O2’ Touch following England Touch Association rules will continue under Titan Touch as they work towards playing competitive/competition Touch.