Welcome to Under 7’s rugby at Tunbridge Wells RFC, a local rugby club that prides itself on community, inclusiveness and fun for children of all ages and abilities.

The U7’s is our group for boys and girls in Year 2.

So let’s start with a very warm welcome to St. Marks if it’s your first season and an equally warm welcome back if your child is moving up from the U6’s!

For new players, the first step you take this season into the Under 7’s will be on reflection, a milestone you will never forget. Friendships will be forged and characters will be built.

For new Mums, Dads and guardians, welcome to TWRFC.  If you would like to learn more about our Youth section as a whole please check out our youth page here https://twrfc.com/youth/

Both Rod and I have a philosophy that your children’s first few years of rugby should be fun, fun, fun. We don’t take it too seriously but we do put in place some good foundations for your children to build on as they progress through the age groups.

If it’s your first season please find some details below to get you started:

When does the 2019/2020 season start?

The sessions will start on Sunday 8th September 2019 at 10am @ St Marks Ground and will typically last between 60-90 minutes weather dependent. The sessions are weekly except for a few weeks off for Easter and Christmas holidays. We will be in the middle of the first field.  Please arrive 20-30 mins early for registration and team talk.

To cultivate a team ethic and rugby spirit we pride ourselves on the fact that “Through wind and rain – TWRFC always train” (unless there is severe weather!) – please see “locations for training” below to our other training location in bad weather.

Pitch location: our usual pitch location is just past the cricket pitch [ see below ]


There are parking spaces available at the club but this is mainly for the coaches. I would recommend parking on Forest road around the corner. We would kindly ask that you are sensitive and respectful to TWRFC’s neighbours when deciding where to park.

If you are dropping off you can set down by driving into the rugby club and turning right and then drive out the other side. Follow the signs.

Membership Registration:

Please can you all pay your membership subs by the end of September. The official ask is before the season starts, but at Under 7’s we like to give you  a month to make sure your kids are going to stay the course of the season before committing.

In order to pay your subscription/membership at TWRFC you will need to be registered on the general RFU system first. The following webpage has been designed to provide a step by step guide in what to do – guide to purchasing TWRFC membership. If you have any membership and/or registration challenges there is a submit a request for help button on the page.

Note – When paying your membership, please make sure you select 1 x Parent/Guardian membership for you, and 1x youth player membership for your child.  The youth player is free, but it is necessary to ensure your children are registered with the club.

Club Shop:

We have a club shop online if you want to buy branded clothing for those cold touchline days, or new kit for your kids please go to this link http://twrfc.com/shop/.

Every year we organise a limited number of subsidised sponsored shirts for each year group. Information will be given about this once the season is up and running.

Coaching and Volunteers:

All the coaches at TWRFC are volunteers. If you are new to the club or even the area and would like to get involved please let either myself or Rod know. We also regularly need help from parents for non-coaching roles such as helping with parking on certain days and many other areas so please let us know if you would like to get involved, as a community club this is how we thrive!

  • The more the merrier, you don’t have to be a seasoned professional to join in, some boots and a bit of willing is all it takes. We’ve had some of you volunteer already which is a great help and there’s no commitment to be there every week. The more help we have the better it is for the children involved.
  • The one requirement will be in due course to run the DBS check, 10 minutes of your time and the club covers the cost.
  • We have been known to run the occasional social event with the U7 coaches as well in case you need the added incentive.

Here’s a quote from one of last year’s volunteer coaches:

“I have to say I’m loving being a coach, being a woman with no rugby experience I was pretty worried whether I was volunteering for the right role. Thankfully I realised pretty quickly that I had made the right decision. It is so much fun, everyone is very welcoming and I’m learning at the same time as my little boy. It is certainly more enjoyable getting stuck in, than watching on the sidelines. It is such a rewarding role and a great start to a Sunday morning!”     Suzanne George U6’s coach

Locations for training:

We generally train in one of two spaces:

  1. St. Marks Recreation Ground i.e. the rugby club or,
  2. The 3G pitch out the back of Tunbridge Wells Sports Center on St. Johns Road. ( this acts a safer environment for the younger ages groups when the weather gets inclement.)

Clothes for training:

In September we will hopefully make the most of the warmer weather and clothes are not an issue, however as the season progresses it becomes vitally important to ensure your child’s experience is a good one.

At the rugby club, we are very exposed to the elements so be especially prepared.

During cold weather the golden rule is layers for players

  • Base layers are a great idea, failing that vests and t-shirts plus fleeces or hoodies are needed. much better than a big coat that restricts movement
  • A waterproof top of some description is great at keeping the wind and rain out.
  • It is always better to have them too hot and take some items off than to have them too cold as they lose the desire to join in the fun.
  • Also please do ensure the proper supervision of your players, I empathise with those who have to spread themselves between pitches but please do ask another parent for help if you need to run into clubhouse or across to another pitch.

The Basics:

  • All players must have a parent/guardian/carer in attendance for the duration of training, please.
  • All players should have a drink and snacks, please, as we take breaks during training.
  • All players should have appropriate clothing and a hat and gloves, please.
  • In terms of footwear, rugby boots are recommended, particularly as pitch conditions get wetter as the season progresses. Screw-in studs are not permitted at the 3G pitch and I know that a lot of you opted for moulded studs for the whole season last year and those seemed to work well. If you do opt for screw-in studs, your child/children will need to wear trainers if/when we train at 3G.

Thanks you and we look forward to meeting you all.

Steve Daly & Rod Fraser – Head coaches TWRFC Under 7’s

Iain Bartley & Nick Darbyshire – Assistant coaches TWRFC Under 7’s

Contact details below:

Steve Daly – steve@idcband.com

Rod Fraser – rodneyalanfraser@gmail.com

Iain Bartley – iain.bartley@googlemail.com

Nick Darbyshire – njdarbyshire@gmail.com