We will communicate through each age group’s mailing list – you can subscribe, edit and manage your settings at googlegroups page.


However, If you do ever need to speak about anything on a one to one basis, just drop your head coach, or Mike Rigby a line or give me a bell or we can talk face to face on Sunday if we need to know anything.

In particular, please make us aware in confidence if your child has any health conditions, including asthma and allergies, and if so where your child can access medicine, inhalers and epi-pens etc. during training. Any welfare concerns can be raised to Dawn, our welfare officer

TWRFC have a Youth Facebook page: should you want to keep up to date with anything else happening across the club during the season.

When does the season start?

We are up and running, but new members are still very welcome.


There are parking spaces available at the club but this is mainly for the coaches. We would recommend parking on Forest Road around the corner. We would kindly ask that you are sensitive and respectful to TWRFC’s neighbours when deciding where to park but please do leave plenty of time, and make sure you follow the highway code.

Membership Registration

Please can you all pay your membership subs ASAP to avoid your coaches and team manager having to chase too much!  The official ask is before the season starts, but if you are new or unsure we are okay if you wait a week or two. 

In order to pay your subscription/membership at TWRFC you will need to be registered on the general RFU system first. The following webpage has been designed to provide a step by step guide in what to do – guide to purchasing TWRFC membership. If you have any membership and/or registration challenges there is a submit a request for help button on the page.

Note – When paying your membership, please make sure you select 1 x Parent/Guardian membership for you, and 1x youth player membership for your child.  The youth player is free, but it is necessary to ensure your children are registered with the club.


U7s and above will gain be participating in festivals which is very exciting and we are currently working on which ones we will be participating in before and after Christmas so there will be plenty of notice on when they take place and how many teams we are allowed to take. In order for your child to be able to play in festivals they must be registered on GMS with an RFU ID

Rugby Tour 2018/19

We will be going on tour again this year as a youth section towards the end of the current season (April/May 2019). It’s great fun for Parents/children and siblings, so watch this space for destination, dates and cost.

Club Shop

We now have a new club shop online if you want to buy branded clothing for those cold touchline days, or new kit for your kids. Please go to this link

Please note we will have sponsored shirts again which will be available at £10 each in September. We will take orders nearer the time. For those who already have shirts please do wear these as well!

The clubhouse club-shop will be open on Sept 2nd (from 12-1pm) for you to snap up the last of our old (Serious Stuff) kit. Bargains galore like socks, shorts, wet tops, shirts! When it’s gone, it’s gone!

Coaching and Volunteers

All the coaches/managers at TWRFC are volunteers. If you are new to the club or even the area and would like to get involved please let your head-coach know.

  • The one requirement will be in due course to run the DBS check, 10 minutes of your time and the club covers the cost. The club will also cover additional training courses, should you wish to learn more
  • We have been known to run the occasional social event in case you need the added incentive….

Locations for training

We generally train in one of two spaces:

  1. St. Marks Recreation Ground i.e. the rugby club or,
  2. The 3G pitch out the back of Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre on St. Johns Road. ( this acts a safer environment for the younger ages groups when the weather gets inclement.)

Clothes for training

In September we will hopefully make the most of the warmer weather and clothes are not an issue, however as the season progresses it becomes vitally important to ensure your child’s experience is a good one. At the rugby club we can be very exposed to the elements so be especially prepared. This includes parents and siblings watching!

During cold weather the golden rule is layers for players

  • Base layers are a great idea, failing that vests and t-shirts plus fleeces or hoodies are needed. much better than a big coat that restricts movement.
  • A waterproof top of some description is great at keeping the wind and rain out. Gloves are very popular, but we’d recommend either fingerless gloves or thin, neoprene gloves as thicker gloves can affect their ability to catch, and wool soaks up the water and mud.
  • It is always better to have them too hot and take some items off than to have them too cold as they lose the desire to join in the fun.
  • Also please do ensure the proper supervision of your players, I empathise with those who have to spread themselves between pitches but please do ask another parent for help if you need to run into clubhouse or across to another pitch.

It is not necessary to have TWRFC kit for training – and we certainly don’t expect you to invest in a full set of kit until you are sure Rugby is for you.  Most kids tend to wear TWRFC kit each week but there are always a few who don’t (especially at the start of the season).

  • Socks
    Nice and easy – if you want TWRFC kit them you will  these
  • Shirt
  • Age groups get sponsored shirts which will be significantly cheaper than the kit available online. Each age-group’s manager will arrange this early in the season.  We advise you to wait.
  • Shorts
    I haven’t actually seen any of the new kit yet – my guess is that most kids will have these as they look closest to the ones from the previous supplier}
  • Gum-shield
    We have Opro coming to do a fitting on Sept 9th
    Not every child uses a fitted gum-shield, in-fact my children use a Gibert Viper (mould at home with hot water), entirely your call…
  • Boots
    RFU As long as his football boots aren’t sharp he can use those.
    |Generally the thing to look out for is a single front-facing stud, which is illegal in rugby.  However as long as they are safe – nobody will worry too much for the first few weeks.
    We do sometime end up on the boy’s grammar Astro – which has it’s own requirements.
  • Gloves
    For the younger kids If it’s cold, thin neoprene/wetsuit gloves are a good idea to keep them warm (and happy).

The Basics

  • All players must have a parent/guardian/carer in attendance for the duration of training please.
  • All players should have a drink and snacks please, as we take breaks during training. Consider bringing a warm drink in a thermal cup for those particularly chilly days.
  • All players should have appropriate clothing and a hat and gloves when cold.
  • In terms of footwear, rugby boots are recommended, particularly as pitch conditions get wetter as the season progresses. Screw-in studs are not permitted at the 3G pitch and I know that a lot of you opted for moulded studs for the whole season last year and those seemed to work well. If you do opt for screw-in studs, your child/children will need to wear trainers if/when we train at 3G.
  • MOUTHGUARD: We have arranged for Opro to attend St Marks on the 9th September to give you an easy chance to get fitted protection. See club website for details.

In the meantime if you have any questions please ask one of us. We are excited to see you all on the 2nd September!