Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys 3G


Postcode: TN4 9TX


Only players and coaches on the 3G pitches. Everyone else behind the green railings.

  • No metals studs
  • No blades of any description
  • The rubber moulded boots must have round studs

We have this rule for safety reasons. There is a high risk of blades (metal, rubber, plastic) getting stuck in the surface leading to serious injury such as torn knee ligaments and ankle injuries.

Car Parking

There are a number of spaces in the 3G Pitch Car Park. Once this is full, please park in the School car park – please refrain from using the Leisure Centre car park (see the map on page 2). The postcode is: TN4 9TX.

The 3G Car Park is locked when the pitch is not being used, so please do not leave your car there when you or your child have finished playing.

When driving in and out of the car park please look out for pedestrians. There is a 5mph speed limit in place. Please keep children not playing football/rugby with you at all times. They should not be allowed to play in the car park.


Apologies but NO Dogs are allowed on the 3G or Grass Pitches. If you bring them, you will be asked to keep them in your car.


Please put any discarded water bottles, drinks bottles, cans, wrappers, cigarette butts, etc. in the bins