Coaches code of conduct

  • Recognise the rugby core values;
    Teamwork – Respect – Enjoyment – Discipline – Sportsmanship
  • Follow the RFU Age-Grade Code of Practice
  • Place the physical and emotional wellbeing of all young players above all other considerations. Observe the RFU Safeguarding policies
  • Recognise that young players should never be exposed to unacceptable risk of injury nor allowed to train or play when injured nor to face extremes of heat or cold
  • Ensure safe and proper supervision of young players on and off the field including the availability of first aid
  • Young players are in the sport for fun and most learning is achieved through doing; make sessions fun and enjoyable
  • Provide positive feedback in a constructive way in training and at matches recognising that players develop at different rates
  • Be a positive role model for the squad
  • Show respect for officials and opposition both on and off the field of play and ensure your players do the same
  • Ensure that your knowledge and coaching techniques are up to date and in line with RFU philosophy and Age Grade Rugby. Each coach MUST hold a current DBS and have completed the Rugby Ready course prior to U9s. All age groups should have at least one coach trained to
  • Observe the Half Game rule and ensure players are given equal game time throughout the season
  • Reject cheating, racism, discrimination and drugs. Recognise that it is illegal for players under 18 to drink alcohol or for those under 16 to smoke. By your conduct and example, actively discourage both