Youth players code of conduct

  • Recognise the rugby core values;
    Teamwork – Respect – Enjoyment – Discipline – Sportsmanship
  • Play because you want to do so, not to please coaches or parents
  • The best players are those that can be coached – respect and listen to your coaches
  • Remember that skill development, fun and enjoyment are the most important parts of the game
  • Show respect for officials and opposition both on and off the field of play
  • Play the game to win, but not at all cost. Win with dignity. Accept defeat with good grace.
  • Play with self-discipline, control your emotions, avoid loss of temper. Acts of violence are not acceptable and will be viewed in a very serious light.
  • Reject cheating, racism, discrimination and drugs
  • Support the 1 st team by watching at least one senior match #OneTWRFC
  • Be ready to start at the designated time, turn up to festivals and matches at the meet-
  • Bring the right equipment to every training session (boots, gum-shields, water, layers).
  • Be positive, particularly when speaking to your team mates. Rugby is a team sport – support each other don’t criticise
  • Enjoy the game both on and off the field, making life-long friendships. Try to put as much back into the game as you take from it