5km Challenge on Strava

Saturday 16th January saw the club’s first Strava event take place with members on the club’s group (on the fitness app) taking part with either a run or a walk whilst adhering to government social distancing exercise guidelines.

Congratulations to our winner Tim Hill, with an impressive time of 19m06s, followed closely by Derek Jee with a time of 19m45s.

Through using the Strava app the event was able to take place with no official start/end points. Competitors ran/walked their own routes at the own time with results being logged on the app.

It was great to see all ages taking part, with special mentions to some of the club’s mini and junior members such as Ollie Rigby (who came an impressive 6th palce), and Monty&Oscar Harrington.

Using the 5km as a trial for future events, organiser Tom Callaway said “the club are working hard to be able to provide suitable forums to engage with our members whilst we are in lockdown. By using Strava, we have been able to create a small bit of competition amongst our members, whilst adhering to all the social distancing guidelines.”

If you would like to join our TWRFC on Strava you can do so by following ;


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