Club Development Update- July

As we discussed at the AGM, the club has received a number of proposals for ongoing development.  The timing is great… the first team is flourishing following two recent promotions, and the youth section continue to grow (nearing St Mark’s capacity).  We have both the opportunity and need for strategic development.

All of the options presented have merits.  Prior to and at the AGM  we committed to fully explore the viability of all of them and we continue to do so.  At this point we haven’t ruled any of the options out.

In considering the options, we are focusing on the the long term needs of all sections of the club. Any plan has to work for the entire club – U6s through to 1st XV.  Within this structure are several groups which all have slightly different needs.

During the AGM we stated that we intend to explore all ideas prior to committing and this remains the case, at this point no option has been rejected.  Some options were significantly more advanced than others and in order to better understand the choices available, we are working with potential partners to further expand and explore the viability of other options (in particular Option 2- Land Swap).  We anticipate firming this up as soon as we can at which point we will build a team from those who have very kindly offered their expert skills and experience prior to consulting with the Club on all viable options.

Strategically we have the option to:

  1. Sell 4th team pitch and use the money generated to improve club facilities
  2. Sell our portion of St. Marks (Or all of it in conjunction with TWBC should they wish to partner with us) and relocate TWRFC to an alternative locality in the Tun Wells area
  3. Redevelop existing facilities in -situ

These broadly align to the options outlined at the time of the AGM, but we need to be careful to not mix our strategic choice, with the choice of partner. We need to both decide which option best meets the needs of the club and also to decide our approach for delivery, and what advisers and partners we will use.

Roger Clarke- President.

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