Coach development survey results

The two most popular times for those looking to do training are Monday and Wednesday evenings, with the weekend trailing behind.  From a club perspective, I am going to mainly target Monday evenings for our coach development.

Preferred time: 

  • Monday evening – 70% 
  • Wednesday evening – 57% 
  • Sunday AM – 40% 
  • Sat AM – 28%

We unsurprisingly lose coaches as the travel distance increases from Tun Wells. Anything we do in-club will generally be at St Mark’s, but I think the data shows that we retain enough coaches to make jointly sponsored courses with TJs and Sevenoaks viable (Especially as we would rotate venue for any jointly sponsored course). There is a slightly higher drop-off when not home at weekends, presumably as coaches have their kids with them at the club.

Attendance drop-off with distance (Monday evenings): 

  • Home – 68% (#2)
  • TJs – 61%
  • Sevenoaks – 43%
  • Further than Sevenoaks – 14%

In respect of the courses that TWRFC coaches are seeking to attend (filtered to exclude any non-age appropriate requests), there’s quite an even distribution of courses, with only the age-grade specific CPDs standing out from the pack.

I’ll use this data along with input from our DOR (Jim), Youth Chair (Laurence), Mini’s chair (Fat-Pants) to inform the requests we make of the RFU. I am also liasing with my counterparts at TJs and Sevenoaks to see if we can pool our demand for some jointly sponsored course requests.

Similarly there’s a pretty even distribution of interest in Technical Sessions ran internally. With the only clear outlier being handling (which was the focus of Simon’s last excellent session).

(#1) About 50% of the coaches completed the coach development survey
(#2) This is filtered to requests for age-appropriate CPDs – which is the discrepancy between 70% above, and the 68%.

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