MATCH REPORT: New Ash Green Women’s 1XV (10) v TWRFC Women’s 1XV (50)

Tunbridge Wells Ladies 1XV travelled to New Ash Green hoping to build on their developing form from the last two league games.

Right from the kick off there was high intensity with New Ash Green awarded a penalty for a high tackle. The penalty missed touch and was gathered by Olivia Lewis who passed out to Laura Pérez Fernández who ran 50m popped to Emma McGreivy to score between the posts. Laura Pérez Fernández converted 0 -7

From the restart Wells are penalised for a tackle off the feet, then again for not back 10. This gives New Ash Green their first visit to the Wells half.

Ball goes to touch Suzanne Robinson wins good lineout ball, Kathy Kellam takes the ball to ground and New Ash Green are penalised for hands on in the ruck

From the penalty Becca Williams makes a 20m break, passes to Laura Pérez Fernández who is tackled but New Ash Green are penalised for not releasing.

With the penalty count rising Chloe Parkhouse makes a blistering run with great hands to Kathy Kellam, to Jessie Anderson who spins out a final pass to Lucy Williams for the score. No conversion 0 – 12

New Ash Green have woken up and start to apply lots of pressure the Wells defence holds but New Ash Green are awarded a penalty 5m from the line and score but no conversion 5 – 12

From the restart Wells are on the attack with a breaking run from Olivia Lewis who goes over for the try and Laura Pérez Fernández converts 5 – 19

Wells are straight back on the offensive and after some sustained pressure Wells are awarded a penalty try for a high tackle that also resulted in yellow card for New Ash Green  5 -26

Despite being one player down New Ash Green apply real pressure and after some real back and forth action they go over the line. No conversion 10 – 26

First half end 10-26

2nd Half

Early in the half an New Ash Green hooker is injured to scrums move to uncontested. A great drive off the back of the scrum from Chloe Parkhouse with great hands to Becca Williams passes on to Olivia Lewis who makes a 20m break linking with Mel Hughes who carries it 30m and over the line for the score, Laura Pérez Fernández converts 10 – 33

Laura Pérez Fernández takes the catch from the restart and makes a break is brought down by a high tackle. From the resulting penalty Emma McGreivy makes a 20m break ball is popped to Fee Horne who takes the tackle well and places the ball for Becca Williams to pick and go but she is stopped 1m from the line. Suzanne Robinson takes the ball over for the score. Conversion is missed 10 – 38

Wells continue the pressure with great hands and rucking from the pack. The Backs take the ball on and Olivia Lewis goes over for the try. No conversion 10 – 43

Becca Williams and Emma McGreivy break again and find Fee Horne in space who makes a break but is stopped, Wells win the Ruck and ball goes out to Mel Huges who makes 30m and scores. Laura Pérez Fernández converts 10 – 50

Kathy Kellam takes catch from the restart and drives forward as Wells start to apply the pressure again.

But the intensity of play takes its toll and Wells loose two players to injury after some tough phases– New Ash Green, in a show a sportsmanship, agree to drop to 12 aside

From the restart Wells knock on and New Ash Green in the last gasp of the game win the scrum, kick the ball and wins the foot race only to stumble over the ball which Jessie Anderson kicks out.

Final whistle is blown and Wells run out 10 – 50 winners.

Players honours went to Anya Wilson Fish for a huge shift at Centre and Olivia Lewis for a stunning running and tackling game.

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