Meet your new 2020 club Vice-Presidents

Club President Alan Skinner recently announced the election of 5 new Tunbridge Wells RFC Vice-Presidents for 2020.

The members of the VP “Class of 2020” are (in alphabetical order):-

Tim Collins

Bruce Elliott

Martin Slattery

Brian Whiting

Matt Wilkey

Each is well known within the club, but how well do you actually know them? I have had the chance to speak to each and over the next day or two I shall be sharing a little more of their respective rugby histories.

Vice-Presidency remains one of our club’s greatest honours and you can now all get yourselves along to Simmonds and purchase your striking VP Blazers …… modelled by my good self in the attached photo with new VP Tim Collins after that amazing Matson 2016 Intermediate Cup semi-final win 🙂

Graham Withers

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