Message from John Crees, TWRFC Chairman

Firstly I would like to congratulate our 1st team squad, all the coaches and management team for the result on Saturday and securing London & SE Premier League status for next Season. It has been a tough Season with a lot of injuries and unavailabilities, so the 2’s have been stretched far and wide and yet both Mav & Jim have still managed to produce a team on most occasions, so hats off to them for all their hard work this year as well.

It is with regret and sadness that I have decided to step down as Chairman at the end of this Season. It has not been an easy decision to make, as I had hoped to stay on for a few more Seasons, however due to a change in my circumstances at work, I am no longer able to afford the time needed for such a role within the Club.

I have been at TWRFC for 27 years now and been involved every year in one role or another from playing, to managing, Tour organiser, House & Grounds and of course more recently as Chairman. I am very proud of our Club and what we have achieved and even more so for scaling the heights into National League status, not just surviving but competing and being a force to be reckoned with. My goal was always to become Chairman one day and I am very proud to have done so and enjoyed my role immensely, however one thing that I have learned is that you cannot please everyone all the time and no doubt have upset a few people on the way. Everything that I have done over the last few years has always been, I believe, in the best interest of the Club and never for personal gain. The same goes for the whole Ltd Board and Exec, all who put in their time voluntarily, for no personal gain but merely for the love of the Club and the best for the Club.

We are a large club, with a vast membership and yet we have less volunteers that is required. This means that a small number of people do a large amount of work and that is extremely demanding of a volunteer. There are many in the Club who come to the Exec with problems yet not willing to help find a solution. I hope that in the future more will come to the Exec with solutions rather than problems and instead of complaining, will put their hands up and volunteer. This will help build our Club into a great Club that we deserve to be.

Next year will be another challenging year and we have several roles that need to be filled to continue all the great work that has been done to date, so if you have some spare time on your hands and would like to be involved in running the Club, please let someone on the Exec know.

These are the roles that are open for next Season:

Facilities Manager
Late Night Bar Manager
Director of Rugby

I would finally like to thank everyone who has supported and worked with me over the years. I have had the privilege of working with a very competent and reliable Executive Board, Coaching staff, Playing squad and all the volunteers who put in a lot of time and effort week in week out. Also a huge thank you to all the Clubs sponsors and Player sponsors, all of whom, without them our Club could not or would not survive.

I look forward to seeing you all at the End of Season Dinner at the Spa on Friday 10th May and if not then at some point next Season on the touchline sharing a beer and supporting our boys.

Many thanks to you all.


John Crees

Tunbridge Wells RFC Chairman


  1. Amen to those sentiments Mr Crees-empathy from up the A21 !
    Well done and best of luck.

    Trevor Nicholson
    Sevenoaks Rugby

  2. Hi John, clubs done survive without volunteering and unfortunately we live in a time when people either can’t be bothered or the stresses or life are too much to volunteer, we have similar issues with the football club but it’s a huge credit to you and the club for what you have achieved over the past few years, and noone can take those memories away. Good luck and I hope TWRFC get the support needed to continue and grow and to watch you guys when I can…

    1. Many thanks Jerry. I am confident that we’ll continue to grow and that people will step up. Best of luck to you guys too for the rest of your Season.

  3. Best of luck John. I have time on my hands to be a volunteer. I can do Facilities managing and Bar work (both of which I do for a day job anyway)

  4. Top Man JC! Never an easy Job but I am proud to see where you have taken our Club. I am down in April time for a beer my old friend. Well done again!!

  5. Well done JC a lot of hard work gone in over the years!
    You have done a top job as Chairman and I hope you can now relax a bit more on the touch line and dare I say have a few more beers.
    See you on the 6th April and we will be at the Spa for the dinner in May.

  6. JC a great pleasure to have worked with you, played with you and toured with you. The last few years have been meteoric for the club and no end of behind the scenes work goes on to achieve this. I am certain your legacy will ensure the club goes from strength to strength and you leave us in an enviable position that most other clubs can but dream of… enjoy the break and come back in one role or another when you’re ready. Webby

  7. Sad to see you go. I am concerned that one of the junior sides has dropped out of the league. Other sides including the seconds have failed to fulfil fixtures. I fear that all the eggs are being put in one basket and that is the first team.

    1. Yes it is a concern for the Club too, however your theory of eggs in baskets is not correct. These issues that not just TW are facing will be addressed at this weeks County Clubs Consultation evening.

  8. It drives the society mad when teams drop out of leagues and cannot field teams on a becomes very difficult to develop young referees because there are not the quality of games available. I am very glad to hear that all the eggs are not being put in one basket. Therefore all TW sides will fulfil their commitments next year

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