Opro impression visit Sept-9th

for your teeth in all contact sports

OPRO has been providing a unique impression service to schools and clubs for over 20 years.

This year, the OPRO team will visit TWRFC and take impressions from all players who would like to purchase a Custom-Fit mouthguard.

Please place your order a minimum of one week in advance of the visit date in order for you/your child to be included for the impression taking.

The OPRO team will be visiting TWRFC on:
SUNDAY 09 Sept 2018 at 09:30


Click below for the full range and to order:




• Wide range of colours and designs
• Antimicrobial additive for hygienic protection
• D3O option for the ultimate in protection and comfort

Benefits of using OPRO (according to the OPRO marketing team):
  • Custom-Fit – This offers the best protection available when taking part in sport.
  • Free Dental Visit – We send a team to the club at a date and time of your convenience to take the impressions.
  • Hassle-Free – We supply all the information for you to pass on, people are then able to order and pay through our website.
  • Quick Delivery – Your completed mouthguards will be sent back to the club within 7 working days of the impression visit.
  • Free Bespoke Design Service – We can offer you the opportunity to create a unique design including your club crest, giving a professional image when playing other teams.
  • Large Product Range – We have a wide range of designs on our website. Parents can also add anti-microbial protection to the mouthguard and case to inhibit bacteria growth.
  • 12 Month Warranty – All of our mouthguards come with a 12 month dental warranty from the date of manufacture.
  • World Exclusive – When ordering a mouthguard parents can opt to have it made from D3O, a material exclusive to OPRO, creating a thinner and stronger mouthguard.
  • Complete Aftercare – Once the mouthguards are made, should anyone have a question or query, our Customer Service team will be available for them to contact directly.
  • Manufactured in England – We make the mouthguards in our own state of the art lab, ensuring we produce the highest quality product and offer you the best service.
  • Loyalty Scheme – Rewards for rebooking and for the amount of mouthguards purchased.


  1. I would like to register T Letham (U12s) for a fitting when OPRO visit TWRFC next week. Website said to register in advance?

    1. You can register via the OPRO site – I haven’t done it myself but I think you just purchase the gumshield you want – and at the end of the process selected TWRFC as the fitting location.

  2. Morning just wondered what has happened my two lads had their impressions taken on the day, filled the forms in etc. The young lady from Opro said that they would send an invoice by email and subsequently despatch mouth -guards, so far nothing received.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      I received a package full of mouthguards yesterday. I will bring them to the clubhouse this Sunday for collection. As for payment I will approach Opro to ask for you.


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