Rugby Club Scrubs-up Nicely

The second TWRFC Summer Ball was held at the High Rocks on Saturday 28th September.

The Summer Ball, attended by over 135 people from across the club; youth, seniors, vets and club members, was a true example of the oneTWRFC ethos in action. The evening included a raffle, “Heads & Tails”, auction and some very creative dancing – especially towards the end of the evening!

A key part of the club’s event calendar, the Summer Ball was an opportunity for people to enjoy a great night out but also raised over £9,000 for the club.

The club has already seen benefits from the three year plan with improvements in club house audio visual, pitch side PA and gym set up. Funds raised at the Summer Ball will contribute to further improvements. This includes ground floor catering (working title: Nick’s Cafe) facilities that will improve the club for all members, visitors and also the wider community.

Numerous reports of sore heads at Youth Section training the next morning have yet to be substantiated.

FUTURE DATE Youth Spring Ball 2020 Date TBC!!

SAVE THE DATE Summer Ball 2020 will be on Saturday 26th September!!

Huge thanks to:

Michelle Greenall and team for managing the event

The team at High Rocks – great food and excellent service

Tim McCabe & Steve Daly (TWRFC’s very own Ant & Dec) for MC’ing the event


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