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So, we now have the results of the first survey of the youth membership in a number of years. Firstly thank you to the 120 odd (of our 500+ family memberships) who took the few minutes to complete the survey. The results are a really good guide to the Exec in where we are doing well and where we need to focus our attention. I will not cover all the results in detail in this article but I can assure we are treating all the responses with huge value. Here are our key findings:

Q. What is important to you in your choice of club? The strongest answer gave a resounding pat on the back to our volunteer Coaches who are clearly attracting members to our club with the quality of the coaching and the sense of community they are building.

Q. What is most important in terms of future of the club? No surprises here with Improved pitch drainage; improved clubhouse; and improved parking. The three topics we spend a lot of time thinking/planning for on the Exec. We have plans to address all three of these topics but with limited resources we have to prioritise. More news to come here soon hopefully.

Q. What would make you use the Clubhouse more? More socials were requested and more food options. Also, interesting to see a desire for more family friendly elements to the clubhouse. Food for thought for us here as we are striving to diversify our revenue streams.

Q. What would improve your child’s rugby experience? Great to see the answer more 1st XV engagement at training as we all have a desire to make the club feel like one club (not a senior and junior section). I think we need to encourage more youth engagement with the 1ST XV home games and more 1st XV players at the club on a Sunday. Also, we heard loud and clear that training should be predominantly around game play (rather than drills) and they want LOTS MORE FIXTURES. Modern rugby courses all coach us to focus our training sessions around game play rather than drills so your feedback is a good reminder for us. We all love game time!

So plenty for us to work on from this survey: A lot of positives and areas for us to focus our minds on. Thank you to all responders and an even bigger thank you to all those who said they would like to volunteer to keep this club the massive community asset it has become. We will be in touch soon!!
Any questions please comment below or email me.

The results can be found here:

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