VPs – A Club History

After the past nine months we have had, and with just 12 days to Christmas, I feel we all deserve a festive treat.

After the hugely positive response I received to the profiles in the autumn of this season’s new TWRFC Vice Presidents, I have started a process of gathering together such “profiles” from across the club.

Through 2021, I intend (with your help) to try and compile a historical record of the club through the memories, reflections and experiences of many of the individuals who have helped us to get where we are today. For example, from taking soundings, many of the next generation of minis parents wouldn’t know who I am….let alone some of the people who’s efforts over the years are giving their children the chance to play at St Marks.

If you want to learn about the pubs that were once at the heart of the club or how the Minis section came into existence then you are in for a treat today.

To do this, I need ALL your help as I will be looking for volunteers of all ages to send me their reminiscences in the New Year and to get you started I am publishing 5 such profiles of senior club members (in alphabetical order):-

John Evans (our oldest living VP and with me in the photo….pre-beard in my case!)

Simon Jones

David Moxon

Kathy Skinner

(Big) Phil Sprackling

If you want to help with this or learn more about the “project” then do let me know at gwithers10@btinternet.com. I will not be starting the next stage until after Christmas but it would be good to have a few people lined up in readiness?

Merry Christmas




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