Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of TWRFCL will be at 7.30pm on Wednesday 15th June 2022 at the Clubhouse.


  1. Welcome and Apologies.
    2. To approve the Minutes of the previous AGM held on 14th June 2022.
    3. To receive a report on the affairs of the Club since the previous AGM (to follow).
    4. To approve the Financial Statement for the 2021/22 financial year (to follow).
    5. To elect Officers and other Directors

Nominations by the outgoing Board:
President: Jim Hendley
Chairman: Mike Rigby
Secretary: Michelle Greenall
Treasurer: Don Bailey

Other Director(s): Andy Child, Roger Clarke, Stuart Montgomery, Nick van Overstraeten, Laurence Taylor

  1. To consider Any Other Business of which due notice has been given.
  2. Any other relevant matters for consideration by the Board.

Notes for members:

  1. Notice of any other business on which the AGM is being invited to vote must be received by the Secretary* by 13th June 2022.
  2. Any nominations for a voting member to be elected as a Director must be in the attached format and received by the Secretary* by 13th June 2022
  3. Any member unable to attend the AGM may appoint a proxy using a formal Proxy Notice in the attached format, to be received by the Secretary* by 13th June 2022

(issued by authority of the Board on 7th June 2022)

*Secretary: Michelle Greenall,


AGM 2022 Notice PDF

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